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Centria’s R&I  collaborates with companies and organizations to increase their competitiveness. We aim at helping our customer in developing new products, business ventures and international activities and as well as in the process of  entrepreneurship, by using our multidisciplinary expertise.

We offer up to date technology and the latest information technology applications to fit our customers’ needs. We make the most of our team of experts, their know-how and the different kinds of laboratories at our use. Our R&D, continuing education services and broad project activities all aim at improving our customers’ competitiveness.

Contact information:

Jani Rättyä
Service Manager
+358 44 4492577

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Centria Research and development

Talonpojankatu 2
Tel (06) 868 0200
Fax (06) 825 2000

Centria Research and development

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Tel (06) 868 0200
Fax (06) 825 2000