Updated 5G base station in Centria

Centria’s  5G Test Network is updated actively for future needs. The latest update to Centria’s test network is 5G capability: A new 5G base station has been installed on the mast on the roof of the Ylivieska campus. The base station uses the 5G band of n78 (3300 – 3800 MHz), which is specified for 5G usage in Finland. The base station currently uses 100MHz bandwidth, allowing connections up to one Gigabit. Centria’s current 5G base station is a so-called Non-Stand Alone (NSA) solution, which means that it is not yet able to operate completely on its own, but needs a 4G base station (“so called 4G anchor base station”) connected to it.


(from left) Juha Erkkilä and Pentti Eteläaho use analyzer to look at signal values of the 5G Test Network. Photo: Heidi Kaartinen

In addition to the 5G base station, transportable 4G base stations can be deployed to expand the test network, and rapidly deployable networks can be created as needed. The tactical bubble solution uses less common time divided LTE base station operating in the wireless camera Programme-Making and Special Events (PMSE) band (2300 – 2400 MHz). It should be noted that the use of frequencies is subject to licensing. Centria has permits for test network use from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency.


The 5G base station's bandwidth allows connections up to one Gigabit. Photo: Juha Erkkilä

Centria’s Test network is part of the Finnish nationwide test network ecosystem (5GTNF), which aims to create a joint multi-service test network to Finland. Centria will utilize updated solutions in projects such as PRIORITY, 5G Viima and Arctic Airborne 3D, and provides Test Network for project partners and companies. Years of research have resulted a test network, which can be used for companies and research institutes to test and develop their ideas.

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