Main research of this project is to continue developing the 5G test network towards a platform for service and application driven environment, boosting cooperation and enabling synergy benefits for the whole ecosystem. Developing and evaluating 5G technology focusing on results that can be turned to real products to allow a forerunner position for national industry in 5G technologies and services.


This project provides the test network environment to serve as a testbed for parallel research projects. Strengthening the cooperation between research projects, related organizations and other test networks. Testbed partner companies to smoothly start utilizing test network services.





 By the end of 2018 at least the following results are expected:

  • At least one business vertical solution trialled
  • New functionalities introduced to test network, enabling connectivity alternatives and end-user services
  • 5G competence significantly improved
  • Experience on 5G spectrum usage and assessment of new operator business models
  • Partner companies outside consortium have joined using the test network to support innovation development.



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