5G Test Network+ (5GTN+)


5GTN+ project is part of the Finland’s 5thGear project, researching the 5G technologies. The ultimate target is to look actively for new business potential in building and managing networks, creating optimized architecture to different application areas, and to find a service creation working model for new end-user services. 5GTN+ project focus is expanded from pure technology driven project to include more service and application driven research targeting to support bringing spearhead technology and applications from different vertical application areas to real use.


Research on wireless technologies is changing from pure radio connectivity challenges towards intelligent radio access and networking concepts with revolutionized applications and services enabled by context awareness, mobile edge computing and big data analytics.


The requirements for 5G vary by application, but will include data rates ranging from very-low-rate sensor data to very-high-quality video content delivery, low latency requirements, low energy consumption, and high reliability and data security. All of these should be achieved at the same or lower cost than with today’s technologies. The application scenarios range from typical mobile broadband to machine-to-machine communication, real-time positioning of user devices in and out, real-time control with low latency, and low data rate, massive-sensor networks with a large number of nodes, to name just a few.


The architecture of future mobile networks are expected to be flexible enabling tailoring and optimization according to the target deployment environment. This is foreseen particularly in 5G system development which is expected to revolutionize everything seen so far in wireless-enabled applications. 5G is assumed to make everyday lives smoother and safer as well as drastically improving the efficiency of businesses. The first standard version is expected to be ready by 2020, and ongoing research activities are supporting that.




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