Photo: Pertti Teurajärvi

The first collection from the Young Designer of the Year charms its audiences in Helsinki

At the end of September the Mexican-born Ernesto Hinojosa was awarded Young Designer of the Year 2013. The winning entry was his beautiful and elegant Black Mamba evening gown, in the competition with the theme Green Carpet. The competition aimed to bring forward imaginative evening gowns where the designer had also considered the ecological aspects. The idea behind the competition came from the Finnish Fair Corporation, and the financier was the Finnish Fair Foundation. The competition was arranged for the 19th time, and is one of the oldest of its kind in our country.

At the I love me-fair in the Helsinki Messukeskus on October, 11-13, Ernesto Hinojosa showcase his first own collection where Finnish fox skins of best quality are in focus. Hinojosa’s skillfully made handicraft and excellent design is on display for visitors in the department which was awarded to him, and on the fashion show I love Fashion by Teri Niitti (time: 12.00, 14.00, 16.00 and on Friday also 17.45). Jaakko Selin will interview Hinojosa at Fashion Lounge on Friday 13.30 o'clock.

Hinojosa started his studies in fur on a scholarship in the DISCOVERING FUR-module at Centria, in January 2013. Hinojosa has now specialized in fur design and top class garments where the main material is fur. He has also founded his own company in the fashion industry.

In the charming collection which is on display at the I love me fair, different fur techniques have been combined with luxurious wool- and silk fabrics. The entire collection has been named after the evening gown Black Mamba. The sculptural attires are skillfully made and the material used is Finnish fur in combination with gorgeous fabrics that flow beautifully. A good co-operation with the fur industry and different actors in the fashion industry enabled the realization of the Black Mamba collection.

You are very welcome to meet Young designer of the year at the stand 6m101!

More information: Ernesto Hinojosa, puh. +358 40 8110490

Ernesto Hinojosa wants to thank several co-operation partners in abroad and in Finland. Please see the link below.

Co-operation partners:

Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association
Pohjois-Suomen Turkiseläinten Kasvattajat ry
Svenska Österbottens Pälsdjursodlarförening rf

International Fur Trade Federation
Erikssons Fur
Ahlskog Leather
Panfur2000 Oy
Oy Pasion Ltd
Micillo Italia
Punainen Lanka
Novia University of Applied Sciences
Centria University of Applied Sciences

Product photo of the winning dress:
Photo: Pertti Teurajärvi
Model: Cajsa Forss/ Model Agency Matiné
Hair: Kirsi Viitiö/Salon Henna
In co-operation with: ModaTyygi & Ahlskog Leather

More information about the fair and Ernesto's way to Young designer of the Year

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