New forces join the SWW project from the beginning of January 2017!


2017 saw the arrival of two new team members in our project. Professor Heikki Mattila will bring his expertise in the fields of fashion industry and apparel supply chains to our project. He has extensive international experience in supporting businesses in their development process and improvement efforts.

 Jari Ylitalo is an expert in the fields of strategic planning and forecasting. He has lengthy experience from working with international companies and leading their supply chain optimization activities. Jari is currently teaching students at Centria University of Applied Sciences on how to make use of the SAP enterprise resource planning software.

- Incorporating smart technologies into work wear is creating new issues for the supply chain management, the challenge is not only to make the most of these new technologies but also to manage the supply chain. The supply chain for smart wear differs from the more traditional textile SC and it is important for us to develop it in a way to make it the most-effective possible, explains Ylitalo.

Both Mr. Mattila and Mr. Ylitalo will both intervene as experts within the WP 4, which focuses on supply chain management within the Baltic Sea Region.

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