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Emma Kaappa, R&D innovations manager at ImageWear, visited the Finnish SWW partners at Centria University of Applied Sciences on Wednesday 30.8.2017. ImageWear currently is the Finnish leading in workwear manufacturer. Emma heard about the SWW project while visiting the Estonian partner TTK University of Applied Sciences in the framework of their collaboration. The SWW project was mentioned and Emma contacted Centria for more information. ImageWear is keen on developing their 3D scanning possibility to improve fitting options for their clients.

During her visit at Centria, Emma received information on the project and its aims. Project manager Egidija Rainosalo went the current findings and Emma was keen on hearing the feedback from the end-users. The project is clearly playing an important role in being a link when transmitting information from the end-users to the manufacturers on how the workwear works from them in practice.

SWW’s knowledge in 3D-scanning was of great interest for Emma: what points and measured should be used in the scanning process?   Leena Simonen explained the study results concerning the workers at the chemical factory. Leena and Emma discussed the options of having separate trousers for women and men, but unisex jackets.

ImageWear has encountered the same problem with users choosing the wrong size for esthetical reasons, such as younger generations choosing close fit wear, which would not stretch, as it should in practice.

Tanvir Ahmed told about the ongoing tests with RFID tags. Tanvir presented his 3D printing trials for the encapsulation of electronic components onto textile and work wear. ImageWear was fascinated by the idea and encouraged to further explore the method. We agreed to share information concerning the advancement of tests, especially concerning resistance to washing.

The company currently is working on implementing new business model and therefore the big attention they pay on improvements in workwear supply chain management. Emma was eager to hear more about the supply chain analysis model that SWW will develop.




 “As an R&D innovations manager, I am looking into what new services we could offer our clients and 3D- scanning and virtual fitting could be a great time and money saving options for our clients, especially those ordering individually fitted garments” explains Emma.

Project manager Egidija Rainosalo and ImageWear’s R&D innovations manager Emma Kaappa, agreed on a follow-up meeting later in the autumn to discuss how the SWW could support ImageWear and possible future collaboration.


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