Visit from Jukka Vanhala (TUT) on 25.9.2017

Professor Jukka Vanhala, a leader of research on wearable electronics at the Tampere University of Technology (TUT), visited Centria’s SWW team in Kokkola on September 25th. 

Professor Vanhala had heard about the project from his research colleague  Emma Kaappa, at ImageWear in Tampere, and wanted to hear more about the project by himself. Project manager Egidija Rainosalo presented the projects and the steps accomplished so far.



Jukka also shared information in his work: his group is currently researching and working on various projects related to stretchable textiles, wearable technologies, energetic systems, and flexible electronics, amongst others. 

Professor Vanhala was interested in listening to the project’s experience with printing antennas, that Tanvir Ahmed has been working on. Jukka discussed the issues they had encountered in Tampere and Tanvir shared his experience, together they discussed the benefits of using TPU and printing in a triangle format, which enables better stretching properties, for instance.

Tanvir told about his work with on antennas and presented examples of his findings. Over the past months, he has been testing various types of antennas, eventually finding the ones which work with the right readers. He is still working on how to integrate other elements and at what step of the 3D printing process these elements should be integrated into the tags. The type of printing affects the tag’s resistance, which should also be taken into consideration. Jukka was most interested in the possibilities offered by 3D printing in general.

Egidija, Tanvir and Jukka discussed collaboration possibilities: our project could print using TPU and PLA and test how these withstand usage. Centria’s facilities have a flextester, to test abrasion, adhesion and other possibilities allowing to test a product’s usage over time.


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