SWW Lithuanian partner Eugenija Strazdiene received Award at International Conference

Our Lithuanian partner Eugenija Strazdiene from Vilnius University of Applied Sciences has written research article “Virtualization and Mass Customization of Safe Work Wear”, which is published in Journal of Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering.


The object for the investigation is chemical protective clothing (CPC), which totally coves dressed human body together with gear: breathing apparatus, breathing mask and helmet. The end users of such clothing are the members of rescue team – firefighters. The results of 3D scanning with stationary Vitus Smart XXL scanner and portable Artec Eva scanner are compared on the basis of the efficiency of scanning procedure and scanning accuracy. Also, the possibilities to exporting scanned bodies into specialized CAD systems for suit design development and material consumption calculation are analyzed. The necessity to understand and to implement corresponding clothing material properties during 3D visualization of garment on CAD systems are presented. Obtained results showed, that virtual fitting supplemented by scanning procedure significantly contribute for the implementation of mass customization concept not only for traditional garments, but for specialized work wear, as well.

You can read the full text of the research here

These results were also presented at the International Conference on Intelligent Textiles and Mass Customisation  ITMC2017,  in October 2017 in Ghent, Belgium, where Eugenija Strazdiene received the Best Paper Award for her presentation.

In June 2018 took place AUTEX 2018 Leading Edge Technologies and Trends in Textiles 18th World Textile Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, and Eugenija Strazdiene also presented the results at the conference. You can find the full text here   


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