SWW partners visited on September 20, 2018 Ansell in Tauragé, Lithuania

Ansell Protective Solutions Lithuania is running a top modern facility where the complete manufacturing operations of Ansell Protective Solutions are included. Products being manufactured include everything from the TRELLCHEM® gastight chemical suits and VIKING™ rubber dry suits to TRETIGHT™ dock seals as well as a volume rich OEM production line consisting of managed care products and escape hoods. 

Ansell is one of the SWW partner, which has manufactured our new innovative prototype of chemical productive suit.  During the visit Ansell Project Manager Linas Stankus introduced us the whole process, was possible to see warehouses, production lines, how they control the quality, packing lines etc. SWW partners asked many questions and there were discussions about the designing, productions, materials, organization of work, quality controls etc.


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