The project held its 2/5 year meeting in Klaipeda, Lithuania

The project held its 2/5 year meeting in Klaipeda 21.09.2018, Lithuania. The group discussed status of the ongoing work in the project, as well as planned the following steps.

For the first time, SWW´s new partner Ruuvi Innovations Ltd, whose tasks related to development electronics to be incorporated into work wear garments, attended the meeting.  

Finally physical work wear prototypes based on best fitting digital models are manufactured and the design will be verified by performing fitting tests by end-users. Additionally to the physical prototypes there will be the list of technical solutions in the prototype: type of sensor, energy supply, data sender and receiver, and data analysis with design for final user. Technical characteristics of the specific textile materials used for the design of the garment will also be a part of the prototype description.

During the meeting SWW partners also discussed about project’s dissemination activities and action plan for the Autumn 2018. All the five work wear prototypes with integrated IT technology are available at several fairs in the Baltic Sea Region. Report on the generalized pilot model for work wear supply chain design with examples will be disseminated through the web page of SWW project and through the web pages of associated partners (textile branch associations in 5 countries). Articles that relate to project achievements and what new have SWW partners developed in general will be publish in relevant local newspapers or magazines. And SWW will have more new events coming up, you can read about them on our website.





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