CINEMA - Towards circular economy via ecodesign
and sustainable remanufacturing

Time span: June 2018 - Dec 2021.


The next meeting of the project steering group in October 19th, 2021.


The meeting of the project steering group in March 25th, 2021 via remote connetion (Teams). Meeting agenda.

The meeting of the project steering group in Nov 10th, 2020 via remote connetion (Teams). Meeting agenda.

CINEMA seminar, as a side-event of Kokkola Material Week: Nov 11th, 2020.

The meeting of the project steering group in March 24th, 2020 via remote connetion. Meeting agenda.

Seminar: Arctic Platform for AM in Luleå, Oct 24th - 25th, 2019 (Seminar program)

The meeting of the project steering group in Luleå, Oct 23rd, 2019 (Meeting agenda)


Project is funded by Interreg Nord and the total budget is 936 056 EUR.

Interreg V A Nord is a EU-program supporting cross-border cooperation in order to strengthen the economic and social development. Areas included in the program are north Norway, north Finland, north Sweden and Sápmi (which spreads over all three countries).

Project objectives

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To strengthen the region’s competitiveness and economic growth by increasing.
    entrepreneurship, amount of innovative companies and competitiveness of existing SMEs
    in the Interreg Nord region.
  • To increase SMEs’ cross-border trade, export and internationalisation.
  • To develop collaboration between large enterprises and SMEs.
  • To promote activities, which support a transition towards the circular economy in the
    Interreg Nord region.

These main goals are achieved by fulfilling the sub-goals:

  • To bring SMEs and large enterprises together.
  • To identify concrete sectors or areas with high potential to support transition to a circular
  • To identify the products manufactured in the region, which have a lot of eco-design and
    remanufacturing potential. 
  • To develop circular economy business models.
  • To identify the possibilities of advanced directed energy deposition technologies in
    promotion of remanufacturing and expected environmental benefits
  • To integrate advanced remanufacturing technologies (LTU: laser-based methods, Centria:
    Cold-arc methods, TUT: thermal spraying) in synergic way to offer a service to SMEs and
    large enterprises to solve sustainability-oriented problems related to products
  • To use advanced technologies to restore the product to its original state as well as to
    upgrade or add new features to the product, to meet customer needs.


Three most relevant DED technologies for remanufacturing: a) laser cladding, b) cold-arc welding and c) thermal spraying.  

Project partners:  

Centria University of Applied Sciences, Kokkola Finland.
Tampere University, TAU, Tampere Finland.
Lulea University of Technology, LTU, Luleå Sweden.


Centria, Finland: Markku Hartikainen,, +358 40 729 9941.
TAU, Finland:      Jari Tuominen,, +358 40 849 0196.
LTU, Sweden:     Jesper Sundqvist,, +46 92 049 2596.


Updated: November 29th, 2021.





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