CMT - Nordic business opportunities from coating and additive manufacturing

Time span: September 2015 - April 2018.


Project is funded by Interreg Nord and the total budget is 1 465 634 EUR.

Interreg V A Nord is a EU-program supporting cross-border cooperation in order to strengthen the economic and social development. Areas included in the program are north Norway, north Finland, north Sweden and Sápmi (which spreads over all three countries).

Project objectives

There are three main objectives to substitute conventional and promote high-tech manufacturing and surfacing techniques for the benefit of regions SMEs and large enterprises:

  • Finding a new innovative and cost efficient ways of producing coatings
  • New additive manufacturing solutions provided by CMT
  • Commercialization of opportunities created by CMT

Current issues

Seminar & workshop: Surface Engineering and CMT will be held at Tampere University of Technology on Wed, April 25th, 2018. Seminar deals with the results of the project and is free of charge.

Seminar poster: Surface Engineering and CMT



Project partners:  

Centria University of Applied Sciences, Kokkola Finland
Tampere University of Technology, TUT, Tampere Finland
Lulea University of Technology, LTU, Luleå Sweden
The Arctic University of Norway, UiT, Tromsø Norway


Centria, Finland:   Ilkka Rasehorn,, +358 40 808 5105
TUT, Finland:       Jari Tuominen,, +358 40 849 0196
LTU, Sweden:      Torbjörn Ilar,, +46 92 049 1679
UiT, Norway:        Abbas Barabadi,, +47 77 660 339


Updated: May 7th, 2018.


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