What we do?


Centria field test environment is developed for needs of 5G testing purposes during Tekes funded national Cognitive Radio Trial Environment projects (CORE, CORE+ and CORE++). CORE++ consortium includes industry partners (Anite, Bittium, Nokia, PehuTec, Fairspectrum, Finnish Defence Forces), research organizations (Centria, VTT, CWC, TUAS) and FICORA (Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority).

Centria field test environment is meant for companies, developers and researchers to test net products and innovations in mobile networks and allows to carry out experiments with large-scale tests. Centria team has a long experience deploying new technologies in this environment and it has been used for several technology, algorithm, testing tool, system and application level demonstrations.

Co-operation with FICORA has enabled a unique opportinuty for performing trials in mobile operation bands. Centria field test environment has been able to use several different frequency bands which have not been allocated for Wireless BroadBand (WBB) usage. The frequency band 800 MHz was in test use before spectrum auction in 2013. Currently frequency bands 2.1 GHz, 2.3 GHz and 3.5 GHz are used in Centria test environment.

The project presents opportunities for sharing spectrum between wireless broadband networks and other incumbent spectrum users. This project expands frequency sharing concept developed for mobile networks further into other wireless systems such as public authority networks.

Trials carried out in Centria field test network include:

  • World first trials in LSA (2013), SAS/CBRS (Globecomm 2015) and LTE vertical beamforming
  • Public safety development and trials
  • Novel mobile network tools
  • Map management
  • Network congestion avoidance tool
  • Coexistent and interference measurements
  • Smart traffic demonstrations.



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