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GRAFFITI is a highly formalized and developed visual language that has evolved over thousands of years. The Egyptians expressed their desires and left messages to their gods by scratching, or carving symbols and signs onto stones, fixed or free. The Greeks practiced symbolic language on exquisitely carved models of deities in marble by using paint. The Celts expressed gratitude to their gods by painting symbols on their sails and the sides of their ships, using liquid tar. These symbols acted as ward-offs to negative forces.

In today's society, particularly in the last 25 years, GRAFFITI is being used as a powerful form of communication between the artist and the viewer.

This form of Art was our stimulus for a workshop arranged by FutureFURstudio! Fur; mink and fox, fish skins, leather and other complimentary materials such as zippers were used as the base canvas upon which we "wrote" our story so that it would be understood by all.

An intensive three day GRAFFITI -workshop combined five designers from different countries: Diana Agajan, Designer, Ukraine;  Robin Kerr, Footwear/Fashion Designer, England; Elena Marradi, journalist & designer, Italy and  Kim Segervall, tattoo artist,  Malin Simons, sculpturer and Marianne Uusitalo, textile designer from Finland.  The workshop was mentored by Professor Basil Kardasis (Royal College of Art, London). 

The co-operative companies were: Atlantic Leather (Iceland), Ahlskog Leather, Finnish Fur Farmers, Panfur 2000 Oy & SKA (Italy). Papers were sponsored by UPM-Kymmene & Décor Studio.

For the first time this workshop was also documented in a film. Please find the artistic GRAFFITI film by Johannes Klemets from this link. GRAFFITI paintings in the film are created by talented Johannes Iilahti, a student from a local art school (Österbottens yrkesakademi).   

The GRAFFITI  -collection will be exhibited for the very  first time to the international audience at Istanbul Leather Fair from 17th to 19th  January 2013. You are welcome to explore the colorful collection at our stand in Hall 4, booth 408/C






Photos: Pertti Puranen

Model: Nicole Haglund

Make-up: Studio Aino Kaarina

Place: The Tobaksmagasinet

Graffiti -painting: Johannes Iilahti (YA!)

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