Discovering Fur JAN 2012

 January 2013 started with the creative and inspiring module, DISCOVERING FUR, which introduced participants to different fur techniques and the basic knowledge and skills of fur work. The module included an inspirational, instigative and innovative workshop on The Magic of Fur.                                      Photo: Briece Vandiest

The leader of the workshop was Professor Basil Kardasis (RCA, London), who has years of international experience in the world of fur, design and teaching. The module was aimed for those who would like to use fur and leather in their work: designers, entrepreneurs, product developers, teachers and students. It commenced JAN 8th - 17th 2013 at brand new Campus Allegro in Pietarsaari, Finland.


 Photo: Briece Vandiest

The participants at Discovering Fur -module. On the right furrier-teacher  Lis-Mari Jansson.




Fur Pattern OCT 2012

Fur Accessories OCT -NOV 2012

Fur Work OCT 2012

Introduction to Fur and Leather SEPT 2012



Discovering Fur SEPT 2012

Discovering Fur -The Natural Fabric -course OCT 2011

The very first Discovering Fur - The Natural Fabric -course was carried out successfully in October 2011. The course included introduction to the fur material, study visits to the companies and possibility to apply learning into own creation. The course was led by the Prof. Basil Kardasis (Royal College of Art, London). Read more about his thoughts over the course.


Discovering Fur -participants visited in two fur farms in Ostrobothnia area. Beside the fur farms they visited also in a dressing company Panfur2000 and in Ahlskog Leather factory.



Student applicants were invited to apply for a stipendium which covered the cost of tuition. The stipendiums were donated by the finnish fur farmers. The very first scholarships students came both from Universities in England. Michael Olive is a fashion design student specialized in menswear from the Bath Spa University. Thao Ta studies footwear and accessory design in the Coventry University.


The story of the very first DISCOVERING FUR -course

The story of the very first DISCOVERING FUR -course pdf

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