Master Class Supreme, 12th-14th JUNE 2013



International group of designers and professionals from fur trade got together for Master Class Supreme -workshop at FutureFURstudio in Pietarsaari, Finland. Energetic workshop was all about great teamwork, but also individual personalities were highlighted in a form of personal symbols, which were designed during the workshop. The end product will be a big puzzle of symbols and some accessories to add the spice on it.

The Master Class Supreme -workshop led and conducted by professor Basil Kardasis (Royal College of Art, London) took place in Pietarsaari from 12th to 14th June. The workshop was arranged during the Summer Accademy week in new Campus Allegro, which was arranged in co-operation with Novia University of Applied Sciences and Centria University of Applied Sciences.  The workshop got nice start at Pietarsaari Museum together with the baroque music workshop. Three day intensive fur workshop gathered people from all over the world: Liisa Andström, sales director from Finland, Alkiviadis Ballis, entrepreneur from Greece, Ernesto Hinojosa Ruiz, designer from Mexico, Marìa K. Magnúsdòttir, footwear designer from Iceland, Kelli McGuinness, fashion designer from UK, Machteld Schrameyer, designer from USA and Johanna Öst Häggblom, designer from Finland. The theme of the workshop was called Enigma Energia, where Enigma means puzzle, secret, mystery or dilemma. Energia then again a force, vigour or activity.

To start the participants designed symbols that reflected themselves. Who, What, Where, When, Why you are? were the questions the participants had to answer when designing. The symbols were made of course from the best Finnish Furs and unique leather materials such as reindeer and fish leather and from beautifully printed cow leather and mink plates.  

Later on each participant will write a brief description of the symbol.  One of the participants, Machteld Schrameyer, described her symbol by following way: "The circle stands for me as an entity, the lightning bolt for the burst of energy coming in from the outside that feeds my creativity. The red and the blue within the circle stand for the passion of my creativity and the reflection and calm that gives it shape. The ties stand for the desire to connect to the rest of the world other people, coming in and going out. Secondly they stand for the tool of the nomad, the modern-day traveler, tying life's necessities to your person to take along on the journey." Rest of the stories will be on FutureFURstudio websites later.

Phase two was to design a puzzle from the symbols, where each participant is represented. The puzzle presents the whole team, where each piece is as important as the other. Beside the puzzle participants designed accessories.

During the workshop the group visited also at fox farm in Ostrobothnia area, where fur farmer Mr Ulf Eriksson presented the fur farming to the interested group. After that group was invited to the dinner with the chairman of the board Mr Kenneth Ingman from Finnish Fur Breeders Association and European Fur Breeders Association.

Workshop participants gave wonderful feedback from the workshop. Inspiring, creative and fun were the words they used to describe the workshop. Those who used the fur for the first time were attracted the versatility of the fur material.  

The workshop process was presented at the end of the workshop in the Midnight Sun Baroque Club at the Campus Allegro. The evening full of beautiful baroque music and poems added with the present of the Master Class Supreme -workshop was a nice ending for the rewarding and most international and professional workshop ever. Later on the result will be presented in international leather and fur fairs. Please follow our webpages.

Presentation of the participants


Finnish Fur Farmers, Panfur 2000 Oy, Ahlskog Leather, Atlantic Leather (Iceland), Fur Home (Greece), Lazaros by Lazaros Savvidis and Global Trade Pellicce

Student assistants during the workshop: Noora Huotari, Emma Granqvist and Aleksi Heikkilä

Photos: Pertti Teurajärvi

Day 1












Day 2



Day 3

Photo from the fur farm: CENTRIA





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