BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, specialization fur design and marketing

The application time for the new degree program Business Management ,with the specialization on fur, has now started.

The education will start  in September 2014  and the examination will be Bachelor of Business Administration.

Students may decide to follow a business orientated programme or choose to specialize in fur design & marketing. Max 15 students can be chosen to study fur design and marketing .

The studies include both fur design and business, which gives a good basis for functioning in a global fur market. This is the first time Centria can offer this kind of degree program in English and we are looking forward to welcome the students from all over the world to study fur and business.

Included please find more information about the new degree.



Basics studies in Business Management 90 credits

The Degree Programme in Business Management focuses on entrepreneurship, sales and marketing in an international context. Students may decide to follow a business orientated programme or choose to specialize in fur design & marketing.

The option in fur design and marketing will enable students to become experts in the field of fur by learning how to handle fur and understanding the raw material to designing, marketing and making products in fur and leather. In addition to these skills, the students will acquire skills on how to plan and carry out an international fair project: planning and building the stand, logistics, informing, appearing on the fair and taking care of contacts.

The overall objective of the program is to provide students with professional, international, personal and social competences to operate in an international business environment. The program provides good possibility's to study in an international surrounding as this is a group of multicultural students.

Professional Studies in fur design and marketing 120 credits

The modules:

Year one (25 cr):

Fur can be anything you want it to be.

The 5 'W' s WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, WHO : of FUR
All these sub topics will be dealt with, and the starting point is FUR

1. Discovering Fur and Leather

2. Broad study of the fur trade and industry.

3.  Fur Accessories

4. Fur in Home Decoration 
5. Design and visual identity

Year two (25 cr):


Through investigation, exploration, researching and recording, one will "Master of this Fabric"


1. Pattern making - Fur, Form and Pattern Construction 

2. Blue Fox as material

3. Working with Fur and Leather 

4. Design Project for a Chosen Theme

5. Promotion and marketing

Year three (25 cr):


" Mastering this fabric with skills"

Practicing the systematic process of designing and manufacturing a collection.

Presenting one's own theme and research to support the collection

The aim of this is to introduce it into the market. Exhibition and show to the public of the final product.


1. Leather - the second skin

2. Bespoke

3. Designing and Manufacturing a Collection

4. Fashion Fairs and Exhibitions


+ Thesis 15 cr and Work placement 30 cr


Further information about the fur studies

pia.blomstrom(at), +358 50 3368746

The application period : 13.1 -25.4 2014 . The application form and more information about the application at


The entrance examination will be held in the first half of May 2014 in Finland & other countries.


Further information about application

Admissions office

tel. +358 (0)40 808 6604, email:




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