Fur in Home Decoration Project WUNDERKAMMER

“Fur in Home Decoration”, a module held by Giovanni Amandini, fashion designer of Italian origin living in Germany, and Lis-Mari Jansson, experienced furriery teacher, took place with the first international group studying Fur Design and Marketing in English at Centria University of Applied Sciences. The module has given the first year students a comprehensive overview of the design process. It started with a theoretical introduction, leading students to the designer’s world and work. The group learned about many different facets of product design such as the research process and first ideas, the colour world, defining a language and basic IT-skills required.

Theory was combined with practical sessions to create one’s own product. The task was to develop a home decoration object featuring Finnish Blue Fox as a main material. This was possible due to the generous sponsorship of regional fur farmers and a dressing company. Every student had large freedom in designing her or his own product, which allowed to work in an artistic and very individual way. The practical part started with sketching, material tests, study of various techniques and lead to the manufacturing of prototypes.

Right from the start, students came up with a wide variety of interior decoration products such as pictures/wall decoration, blankets, a lamp, a hammock, a storage basket, a stool, all with the focus on blue fox. Some combined the fur with traditional or soft materials such as fabric or leather, others went for more unusual combinations such as metal- or woodwork. Students learned about planning and structuring the single work phases, so that they could finally and practically all “translate” their ideas into finished products.

Another important aspect of the course was creating the identity of the design object and telling a story with the product. An introduction to fur illustration and technical drawing on the computer were part of preparing a professionally looking paper presentation of the created goods. The next step was the planning of the common presentation of all products in Helsinki at the Pop-Up Pohjanmaa Ostrobothnia-event in June 2015. Eventually, photographer Kasper Gustavsson took professional photos of each finished product at the University’s studio to complete the presentations.

In summary, “Fur in Home Decoration” was a very inspiring, interesting and informative module, that not only let students use their creativity and individuality in designing and producing their own product, but also lead to a collection of Blue Fox home decoration that can be considered and exhibited as a whole, summing up to more that the individual parts, a Wunderkammer, a cabinet of wonders.

BBA/ Fur Design and Marketing -students:

Kinga Kocsis, Nicholas Mpatsis, Hanna Nurmi, Elizabeth Palm, Olga Plank, Amanda Plogman, Ann-Sofi Sandell-Wikar and Marina Shafikova

Sponsors and co-operatives:

Fur farmers: Daniel Blomqvist, Juha Herrala, Mikko Perttula, Knutars Pälsfarm Ab, Cristoffer Eriksson, LE Fox Ab, Jari Isosaari, Jorma Eilonen
Dressing and coloring of the furs: Modifur
Leather: Ahlskog Leather, Kokkolan Nahka Oy, Oy Pasion Ltd
Filler material: Fixafell
Metal-and woodwork: Karl Ehnvall

More information about the Pop-Up Ostrobothnia-event:


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