KokkolaAR - Experiments with Augmented Reality

Project implementation period: 7.3.2018–31.3.2019

Budget: 89 440 €

Financers: Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia, City of Kokkola and Centria University of Applied Sciences


KokkolaAR is a regional innovation experiment using the latest digital tools. The aim of the project is to introduce technologies utilizing the augmented reality (AR) innovations in the area, enabling the environment to be brought to life digitally in a smartphone or a computer: 3D models, images and videos are digitally introduced into the physical world. AR technology has an extensive range of uses in marketing, improving user experience, guiding, collecting feedback and presentations.

The project involves four pilots for the following industries:

  • The Tourism Innovation Pilot aims to make use of the stories created by the AR technology as part of the customer experience. This experiment brings a new dimension to tourism: The use of AR technology aims to increase the attractiveness of the tourist destination and thus increase the customer flow.
  • The Industrial Pilot aims to create a safe and illustrative way of describing the activities and opportunities of a region or device for different target groups. In this pilot produces a solution for increasing the attractiveness of the region's industry and enabling new marketing in different environments.
  • The Innovation Pilot for Urban / Housing Design will be a novel solution for illustrating future housing, construction or regional development. With the pilot, AR technology can be used for example in marketing and collecting feedback on design work.
  • The Trade Innovation Pilot combines AR technology with traditional advertising and attracts customers to new purchasing decisions. AR technology enables for example a new way to experience the traditional shop window and attracting the consumers' interest in an innovative way.

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