Bulletin Article: A novel approach to transform Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain via MyData to reduce Carbon Emission

Blockchain is one the most hyped innovations these days and it has been gaining a lot of popularity as a horizontal technology to be widely adopted in various fields (Maxmen 2018). Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a substantial role in making analytic tools and delivering a scalable and precise analysis of data in real-time. The primary goal of our study is the integration of Blockchain and AI to support secure, decentralized data analysis for Internet of Things (IoT) applications in industries (Singh, Rathore & Park 2020). This study contributes the integration of artificial intelligence, especially machine learning (for collecting data from industry), and the hash of those data will be shared in Blockchain and the real data will be secured with MyData. Finally, the application of different smart technologies leads to an environment of less carbon emission....More this link

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