The objectives of the project are:

  • to enhance competiveness of natural product businesses by improving proof of quality demonstration methods for natural products and by improving energy and quality efficient drying of natural product materials e.g. herbs, leaves, berries, bark.
  • to study various available waste energy sources for drying purposes. The aim is to give recommendations how to utilize the studied energy sources in order to minimize the costs associated to drying processes.
  • to study and improve the drying processes and quality assurance methods of selected plant materials and to improve the selected drying equipment/system. Drying is one of the key processes when natural products are manufactured. The demand for high quality Nordic products is increasing mainly because Nordic natural products are regarded as reliable and authentic. Often they are also organic and collected wild. However if drying is not properly performed the quality of the dried material can deteriorate due to decreasing color, aroma, quantity and bioactivity of valuable components. In addition, the expected high quality should also be verified in order to get better prices for the products as premium products.



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