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A mini seminar on state-of-art of drying of plant based materials in Oulu, Finland, April 26th 2019

Dr. Thomas Ziegler presented Batch-type drying of medicinal plants in Thuringen, Germany. Download the presentation.


OKRA farm fair in Oripää, Finland, 3.-6.7.2019

MoreNPBiz team (Antti Takalo and Eveliina Kuorikoski from Centria) participated in the OKRA farm fair together with the Finnish Forest Center.

OKRA is one of the largest farm fairs in Finland. It gathers hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors to a small country village Oripää in South-Western Finland on the 3th to 6th of July 2019. The fair is held at the local airfield every second year and this time it is the 19th in its history. OKRA  is showing the latest innovations of agriculture and energy technology.

Centria participated national OKRA farm fair in July 2019, where information about the MoreNPBiz project was shared. To draw people's interest, a lottery was held, where people needed to name wild plants and berries from Finland's nature. This attracted lots of people to the stand and gave a lot of attention to the project. Especially drying of plants and the dryers gathered a lot of interest at the stand. The farm fair had a total of 26 100 visitors.


 Figure 1: Stand at the OKRA fair.



 Figure 2: People taking part in the lottery in OKRA farm fair.


 Figure 3: Okra farm fair in Oripää in July 2019.


Ollikkala farm fair in Kannus, Finland, August 2019

Centria participated the local Ollikkala farm fair in August 2019. In the event, information about the project was shared and brochures distributed. Ollikkala farm fair attracted a lot of local people to the event and brought a lively buzz to the stand.


 Figure 4: Eveliina Kuorikoski at the stand with Metsäkeskus at Ollikkala farm fair in Kannus in August 2019.



 Figure 5: MoreNPBiz brochures.


Öjeby farm fair in Piteå, Sweden, August 2019

MoreNPBiz project was presented at Öjeby farm fair in Piteå in August 2019. The fair attracted 800 visitors.


 Figure 6: Öjeby farm fair in Piteå, Sweden in August 2019.


Research seminar and Natural products day in Kajaani, Finland, 5-6.11.2019 

Eveliina Kuorikoski, Leif Hed and Leena Faven from Centria Chemistry and Bioeconomy Team and Jaana Väisänen from Oulu University of Applied Sciences participated in the research seminar and natural products day at Kajaani. Research seminar included presentations about different research topics and projects on plants and plant-based products. There were many presentations of lingonberries and bilberries and their effective compounds, but also research on pine, mushrooms and nettle were introduced. Eveliina Kuorikoski held a presentation about MoreNPBiz project and drying of nettle, roseroot and birch leaves. An abstract was also written and published about the project. Download the abstract here. MoreNPBiz was also presented through posters and leaflets, and the project gained a lot of interest and new contacts.

In the natural products day, presentations from business perspective were held. Presentations brought up challenges in the field of natural products, but also gave tools to improve and expand the field.

Links to the event:


 Figure 7: Eveliina Kuorikoski presenting MoreNPBiz project at the National natural products day in Kajaani in November 2019.


Figure 8: MoreNPBiz stand at  Natural products day in Kajaani on November 5th – Nov 7th 2019. Leif Hed (Centria), Jaana Väisänen (OUAS) and Eveliina Kuorikoski (Centria) at the stand.


Material Week 9.11. – 14.11. – Open day 9.11. and BioKokkola 13.11. in Kokkola, Finland, November 2019

Material Week is an international conference event in Kokkola. It offers presentations about current research and development prospects in chemical, bio-economy and mineral economy sectors and functions as a major networking event for industry. Open day is the opening and family event of the material week. Centria demonstrated their knowledge about natural products in the event by measuring antioxidant capacity of commercial berry juices. The demonstration attracted many people to the stand to talk about Finnish berries and plants. MoreNPBiz project was introduced at the event and leaflets distributed.

Link to the event:


 Figure 9: Eveliina Kuorikoski at the MoreNPBiz stand.



 Figure 10: Antioxidant capacity measurement.


 Figure 11: MoreNPBiz project was presented at Biokokkola on November 13th 2019.

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