OKRA and Ollikkala farm fairs

Events from the summer

Centria participated national OKRA farm fair in July 2019, where information about the NovelBaltic project was shared. To draw people's interest, a lottery was held, where people needed to name wild plants and berries from Finland's nature. This attracted a lot of people to the stand and gave lot of attention to the project. The farm fair had a total of 26 100 visitors.

Figure 1. People attending to lottery in OKRA farm fair.

Centria also participated local Ollikkala farm fair in August 2019. In the event, information about the project was shared and prochures distributed. Ollikkala farm fair attracted a lot of local people to the event and brought a lively buzz to the stand.

Figure 2. NovelBaltic prochures.

Figure 3. Centria's stand with Metsäkeskus in Ollikkala farm fair.

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