Webinar: Exporting Nordic natural products to Asian markets 10.6.2020

Would you like to position your product as a premium product and have increased success chances in the domestic and export market?
We can take you one step closer. Consider following statements:

1. Nordic natural products are globally recognized as healthy, qualitative, and reliable.
2. The Chinese market offers ample opportunities.

Are these claims valid or are there differences in perspectives between East and North? 

How can my company take steps to validate the quality of our products, the origin of its ingredients, and will it give an advantage in the market?

Be part of an interactive webinar, where entrepreneurs and experts from scientific fields, from China to Nordics, will be:
1. discussing the questions above and the market situation in China.
2. showing opportunities available already today to increase the value of your products.

DATE: June 10th

TIME:  10:00-12:15

PLACE: Zoom, link will be provided to registered participants on June 9th

SPEAKERS: see below

COST: free of charge for registered participants


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