Research and development infrastructure platform can be found at The eventual objective of the web-based platform is to create an intuitive system to help the customers (companies) identify their needed laboratory services and get in contact with the laboratories via the platform. The platform is intended to help the customer to choose the services that are the most valuable for them and estimate the added value of the end-product once the laboratory tests are executed.

The goal is that the platform would create a common marketplace for the laboratories to market their services and provide an easily accessible contact point between the research laboratory and customer. The platform brings together a network of laboratories, which provide different and specific services and are situated in different countries. This will create synergy between the laboratories. From the customer’s perspective, this is one access point to various laboratories.



A survey of the research and testing needs of some NTFP enterprises in the Baltic countries has been completed by University of Latvia The research and development infrastructure including extraction and characterization methods of the NovelBaltic project partners has also been summarized. It has been concluded that the services could be adjusted to match the needs of the market demand in Asia and to support the development of novel non-timber forest products. These results are used to develop the NovelBaltic R&D platform which is currently being enhanced based on comments from enterprises.

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NovelBaltic Platform is designed for enterprises to find laboratories and institutes, which provide quality and authenticity analyses for raw materials and products. It’s focus is on non-timber forest products. This video shows how you can use the platform to find the right analyses for your material or product and find a laboratory capable of performing them for you. 




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