There is a growing trend and global market demand for high quality non-timber forest products (NTFP). Considering that high value NTFP raw materials are available/unutilized in the Baltic Sea region and the fact that regional actors from the public and private sector in the Baltic Sea Region are often struggling to find efficient ways to take advantage of the market opportunity in China and South-East Asia (SEA) our project aims to provide know-how and best practice examples on how to do business with China/selected regions in SE Asia.

Main aim is to evaluate market driven product needs in China, more precisely in Beijing region and wider in SEA markets and provide initial guidelines how to enter above mentioned market in selected target industry by the project.


Development of Novel product/service concepts to enter Asian market

Result of this activity will be a portfolio of novel product/service concepts from BSR regions which could be marketed in SEA markets.         



The first version of the brochure on Non-timber forest products from BALTIC REGION was published in August 2019. The brochure will be updated early 2020 for our next visit to China. If your enterprise would like to be a part of this brochure, please contact us.

Download brochure


Check out the 2nd version of the brochure with more companies. Does your company wish to be included in the brochure? All comments for improving the brochure are also welcome!



The final version of the brochure is a digital marketing and promotion tool for Nordic companies: Digital Product Portfolio. Aim of the portfolio is to bring together industry’s SMEs and stimulating uptake of Baltic region’s NTFPs in Asian markets and, in particular, in Chinese market. In this brochure, you will find companies’ information and short introduction of products in English and Mandarin languages. Herein represented SMEs from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway vary from NTFP growers and harvesters to processors and manufacturers.


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