Discover the potential of Nordic forests − business meets science
June 9th, 2021, 10 AM - 2 PM (UTC+3), webinar

The forest products are much more than timber and pulp! Our project team welcomes You to participate and discuss the hidden potential of non-timber forest products.

Nordic non-wood forest products are globally recognized as being healthy, high quality, and reliable. During the webinar new quality and authenticity demonstration methods of raw materials and products will be presented.

Learn how the methods can easily be available and utilized by enterprises to get an advantage in the market. You will also hear about the opportunities of the Asian markets and potentially feasible industrial refining methods.


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The registration is open until 7th of June. A link for the webinar will be provided to registered participants on 8th of June.

Materials from the webinar


NovelBaltic project – to whom and why? – Hely Häggman and Sanni Kinnunen, University of Oulu

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Innovative  preparation and biological activities of bamboo leaf essential oil – Dr. Zhang Bolin, Beijing Forestry University 

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The relevance of product quality and authenticity in export – Leena Favén, Centria; Katalin Tóth, University of Oulu; Eveliina Isosaari, Centria; Laura Jaakola, UiT The Arctic University of Norway; Ramune Bobinaite, LAMMC; Linards Klavins, University of Latvia; Alvija Salaseviciene, Kaunas University  of Technology 

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What opportunities lie in the Asian markets for Baltic region SMEs and their natural products? – Ilona Vanaga, Silv EXPO Ltd

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Introducing a startup company: Finnish Superberries – Jan-Ole Sandås, Finnish Superberries

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Market Intelligence on China – Case Study on Nordic products, January 20. ,Webinar

Tartu Science Park held a webinar on January 20. You can find the recording and materials in:



Demonstration of methods


LAMMC organized demonstration of authenticity (FT-NIR) and quality testing methods of commercial samples at the premises of company Mėlynė on May 10th 2021.




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