Overview of the Baltic Sea region NTFP potential for the market entry into China

Current report gives a general overview of China’s market pre-pandemic and focuses on providing information to Baltic region SMEs, who are looking to start up export activities in China or Asian region. First part of the report is dedicated to description of China’s economy and sociology, which provides an insight into the vastness of the Chinese market. Further chapters are dedicated to the illustration of the most viable industries for potential NTFP exporters, such as, wellness, health and foods. Afterwards, the main focus shifts from the Asian region and jumps to the Baltics: export, import and main product trade overview is given for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. In order to highlight, what type of goods are trending in the EU’s export categories to Asia, we have provided the data of exports from the Baltic countries to China. The second part of this report is allocated for more in-depth information about the most popular NTFP sector – various berries cultivated in the Baltics. This part reviews not only economic aspects of growth and production, but also touches upon the main known health benefits of berry consumption, as well as some historic and legislative aspects. All in all, current report is aimed to provide and outlook for the potential of NTFPs as a promising export category in the Asian markets.

Readers can use this report to get acquainted with the China’s trade situation pre-pandemic and then be able to compare it to the new reality of 2021. This can help small Baltic region SMEs with little experience in the export to really weigh their expectations and set previous market knowledge against the latest trends one can only accurately acquire in the latest news. Since 2019, the economic situation of the World has entered a dynamic change phase which still continues up to date.

We should always be circumspect about Chinese data - with the usual caveat that the trajectory of the data rather than the figures themselves are a useful guide to how China's economy is growing. Worries over a resurgence of the virus are also clouding current China's growth outlook. Many market analysts are predicting China’s growth to accelerate by the end of 2021, but the China Bureau of Statistics has warned of a "grave and complex environment both at home and abroad", with the pandemic having a "huge impact".

For the readers of this report we’d like to point out that in the China’s market situation in 2021 caution is advised for newcomer SMEs – you can expect to make significant strategic shifts in order to keep pace with the breakneck speed of digital innovation overseas and the still ever-changing pandemic situation. 

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Entering the Chinese Market with NTFPs: Market Entry Handbook for Entrepreneurs 



The main objective of this handbook is to create a practical tool for companies and entrepreneurs to help guide them through the initial steps of entering a distant and culturally different market.
Content of Handbook:

This handbook covers the typical entry process to the Chinese market for a small business by focusing on relevant phases important to companies who are considering expanding their business activities to China.

Topics addressed include key questions such as:
1. Who and where are your main clients?
2. How do you need to adapt your product/service?
3. How can you prepare for visits to China?
4. How can you handle business visits, landmark events, cultural differences?

The handbook will help in the application of in-depth topics introduced in the guidelines:
a) components of exporting
b) Business and product marketing
c) implementation plan
d) distribution channels
f) establishing local presence

The content of this handbook, which are based on market information, provide a pragmatic toolbox for entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with opportunities for, assess possibilities of, and develop their own implementation plans to enter the Chinese market. The tips and strategies used here are based on the available existing national and EU support, along with the know-how of entrepreneurs and SMEs which already have business activities in China.

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Guidelines for Market Entry Strategy: Entering the Chinese Market with NTFPs


Purpose of these Guidelines
This document serves as a guide for SMEs who are taking their first steps in entering the Chinese Market. While this project focuses on NTFPs, the tips here can be used across other economic sectors as well.

The following guidelines combine classical export plan components and local strategies using conducted surveys.


Download the report: Guidelines for Market Entry Strategy: Entering the Chinese Market with NTFPs


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