SETforWork - skills and experiences to reformed worklife


Due to the exceptional situation caused by the corona epidemic students’ and unemployed people’s transition to worklife has faced difficulties. Important stepping stones of employment have been cancelled, such as work practice, work trial period, thesis work placement, summer job etc. These activities have normally played a big role in individual’s start in work life. At the same time companies are forced to take a “digi-leap”. Worklife’s day-to-day life’s change to digital platforms has been rapid. Simultaneously, unemployed people are left out of this “digi-leap”. This project will improve the worklife skills of people who are in their transition period of education and work. The project will ensure that the target group will keep up with the exceptional digi-leap and at the same time produces modern skills and knowledge for career advisory services in regards of worklife skills and communication. This will advance predictive career advisory model.

The project will organize workshops that provide the target group with real experiences and where participants actively develop their skills. Simultaneously they gain new skills, assets and experience that helps them towards working life. Workshops are open events that are mainly done digitally. Workshops’ main themes are for example communication, role in work community, internationalization in expert level and options of employment. This will improve the target group’s skills towards expert level work and chances of employment. Employees will be skillful, active agents in work community and bring worklife skill development procedures to companies.

The objectives and activities of the project are:

1. Participant’s worklife skills improve. They gain practical experiences of worklife situations and are able to develop interaction at work.

Work package 1. Organizing experience-driven workshops where participants experience worklife situations and get tools to develop them. Workshops are organized mainly as online events. Participant’s are supported on their adherence to worklife with group and individual coaching.

2. Career advisory services support the transition from education to worklife. Graduating students and other people joining the workforce have modern work life readiness.

Work package 2. Project will pilot experience-driven workshops as part of student’s career coaching and unemployed people’s support services. Special focus is given on improving communication skills and distant-work tools as part of career coaching. Work package utilizes experiences, tools and action models of WP 1 and implements them in career coaching work. Reports and documents based on participants’ experiences and transfering them to coaching.

3. Create opportunities for international micro-work, which enables employment even during exceptional times. Participants’ experience in the beginning of their career is reinforced with own field’s projects which eases their employment.

Work package 3. Recognizing participants skillprofiles and the corresponding micro-work platforms. Creating materials (webinars, training, guidebooks etc) about using these platforms. Utilizing existing micro-workers experiences and national and international networks. Creating comprehensive material of future’s platform based work and how people can take part in this work globally.

Through these activities, project will reach following results:

1. Participants are talented worklife skill developers. They know and have experienced worklife situations which eases their adherence to work life even during pandemic. Participants are kept up-to-date with the corona-caused digi-leap.

2. Career services’ tools and methods are corresponding to the demands of exceptional situations and general work life situation. Practical career coaching supports participants in their life’s changes.

3. Participants get to join international projects, where they improve their skills and showcase their own expertise. Participants show their skills in practical way when they are applying for work

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