The increase in environmental awareness among the public and stringent regulations from the governing bodies are the main driving forces for growing interest in biobased materials. Wood plastic composites (WPC) are comprised of wood or other cellulose-based fibre and virgin or waste plastics. This way great shear of plastics can be replaced by bio-based origin material. 

In Europe and North America, WPCs are used predominately in the building and construction sector. There is high demand from Nordic forest industry to increase the added value of forestry products. One way to improve the demand for WPC is to broaden the variety of applications by incorporating special functionalities (F-WPC), such as for example electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, enhancing mechanical performance, and others. This will enhance WPCs performance in the applications where it is conventionally used and additionally will open new service sectors.

The target group of this project covers the whole value chain including material suppliers and producers (from forestry resources and side-streams, mining industry, and plastics including recycled plastics), composite processors and product manufacturers, end-users of composite products (from construction, transportation, and electronic industry, etc.), research organizations
and providers of knowledge transfer services.



Antistatic/static dissipative wood plastic compound


The project has developed new material. The material is an antistatic/static dissipative wood plastic compound. It is formulated from injection moulding grade virgin polypropylene, softwood fibre and ...

The Seminar “Recent advances in functionalized plastic materials, bio-based materials and additive manufacturing" in Kokkola


  SMART WPC - project organized a seminar “Recent advances in functionalized plastic materials, bio-based materials and additive manufacturing”. The seminar was held on 11th Septem...

Seminar location changed


Due large interest in seminar, location has changed to auditorium of Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia (KPEDU) in Närvilänkatu 8 67100 Kokkola. New location is only 350 meters ...

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