Recent advances in functionalized plastic materials, bio-based materials and additive manufacturing -seminar was kept on 11th of September. Bellow you can find presentations given in seminar.

Egidija Rainosalo
Opening speech
Merie Kannampuzha, MUOVA, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences
Eco-innovations to drive sustainable development of companies
Rathish Rajan, Centria University of Applied Sciences
Biocomposites and carbon nanomaterials filled hybrid composites
Kosti Rämö, Premix Oy
Creating a safe and ultra-connected society with functional plastics
Potential, status, challenge and inspiration of nano-modified polymer composites
Zainab Al-Maqdasi, Luleå University of Technology
Towards multifunctional bio-based composites
Simo Huhtanen, Tampere University/Centria UAS
Applications of heatconductive plastics
Niklas Kretzschmar, Aalto University
Emerging trends in 3D printing of plastic materials
Tero Köyhäjoki, Antti Takalo,  Centria University of Applied Sciences
3D Pellet extrusion  printing with robot


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