There has been a significant rise in demand by end users of work wear clothing in the service and industry sector. The currently available work wear is not always fit as well as it should. Most countries have their own size systems based on body dimensions of the population intended to cover around 95% of the population. Consequently, size systems are not uniform worldwide. Customers have to rely on the made-to-measure system in work wear clothing. The new method of 3D measurements and human body range images combined with other developments in technology make it possible to introduce a new type of manufacturing.

The main aim is to manufacture innovative, mass customized, better fitted and functioning work wear prototype.

The first task was to perform 3D body scanning of the personnel of chosen end-users, which has been chosen according to the most promising economically potential for the participating companies as well as enough challenging for research organizations:

- conventional work wear for chemical industry, end-user from Finland.

- special work wear for firefighters and smoke divers in Lithuania

- clothing for soldiers in military in Estonia and Latvia

- work wear for construction workers in Poland

3D body scanner literally scans the whole body in about 30 seconds. The result is a 3D virtual copy of human body, which can be rotated, analyzed and measured after scanning.


Automatic full-body 3D scanner measures about 150 dimensions on a human body. The methodology for measurement and analysis was worked out in order to be able to compare results and have the biggest benefit for all countries in the project.

Handheld 3D body scanner was used by Lithuanian partner and scanned group was represented by firefighters.



All the scans have been performed, which all together were 547 data sets for 4 end user segments in the 5 countries. The results of analysis are gathered into extended report, which is placed in our website under Reports.

The next step after 3D body scanning results was to generate new measurement tables for chosen work wear end user groups in 5 countries: Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Poland. Additionally new tables will be presented to the manufacturing work wear users outside the partners of the project.

According the chosen end-user groups of 3D body scanning are also for whom new work wear prototypes have been produced, used the final measurements tables for designing.

You can read the presentation of 3D Body Scanning and New Measurements Tables here 


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