A good supply chain management system is the cornerstone of any business or industry. An effective SCM would support the growth of a company, by balancing times, design and sampling, sourcing, inventory and delivery costs. The SWW project aims to provide to find tools to improve the SCM in the work wear companies in the Baltic Sea Region.

Our experts have been studying the current supply chain management in the textile industry and gathered this knowledge to report of survey. The purpose of this study was to open up the supply chain's design, development, and management and to understand the main elements of supply chain design, to find technological solutions and to use IT tools to improve supply chain management, and to provide a framework for analyzing supply chain efficiency. In other words to give companies the potential ways to develop their business. The final report is available in our SWW page under Reports

Based on the report of survey our experts with companies, who are participating in the project have been analyzed their existing supply chain management and have been created general pilot supply chain model, which can help work wear companies to create their own functional and effective model.

You can read the presentation of supply chain management here 


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