• 3D body scanning

Read about the different 3D scanning possibilities as well as the differences and similarities between the scanning in Finland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 

          Read the report here.


  • Analysis of current work wear

Evaluation of current clothing was performed by providing work wear end users with the questionnaire, which dealt mainly with comfort of the work wear. Two aspects when evaluating comfort were taken into account – materials and fit to the body.   

          Read the report here


  • Smart solutions in work wear

Our partners have been gathering information on the different options available regarding smart wear and mapping the needs of the workwear end-users.

          Read the report here.


  • Tests of smart solutions and materials

Read about laboratory tests of smart clothing and its materials.

          Read the report here.


  • Main elements of supply chain

Jari Ylitalo and Heikki Mattila have been studying the current supply chain management in the textile industry: what are the supply chain's main elements, what technological tools may help to improve the chain, what are the steps to follow when designing the chain and how to measure the effectiveness of supply chain.

          Read the report here.



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