Prototype of work wear for construction sector



Sweatshirt after changes:

  1. Moving the inlet to the bottom pocket closer to the front centre edge to facilitate
    the use of pockets and adding zippers (spiral type).
  2. Changing the shape of the upper pockets.
  3. Changing the construction of the collar on the buttoned at the neck.
  4. Execution of embroidered ventilation holes on the line of armpits (8 items)
  5. Cuffs with sewn rubber and additional regulation of wrist circumference in the form
    of sewn-up trap fastened with self-splice tape (velcro or "velcro" type)
  6. Extension of the sleeves by 2.0 cm.
  7. Reinforcements on the elbows in the form of an additional layer of fabric.
  8. Adding profiled sutures to the elbows, forming the convexity.
  9. Application of a reflective panel tape
  10. Changing the fabric, the use of a material with a cotton dominance.
  11. Renouncement from the covered closure of the blouse, the use of durable,
    metal latches suitable for clothing used in the work environment



Trousers with bib / trousers gardener type after changes:

  1. Narrowing and shortening of the legs.
  2. Reinforcements on the knees and tucks modelling the leg on the knee.
  3. Changing the fashion of the side pockets.
  4. Adding a pocket to the left thigh and a spatial inch pocket.
  5. Additional rear pocket. Pockets covered with straps.
  6. Hammer holder.
  7. A pocket on a bib zipper with a stitching in the middle creating a pocket for a mobile phone.
  8. Side strip made of elastic fabric.
  9. Gardeners trousers at the front zippered.
  10. Moving the ventilation holes from the side seam to the back of the leg.
  11. Panel tape.
  12. Changing the fabric, the use of a material with a cotton dominance.

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