Chemical Protective Costume (CPC), which totally covers dressed human body together with gear: breathing apparatus, breathing mask and helmet. The end-users of such clothing are the members of rescue team - firefighters.

The result of the assessment of CPC suits functionality by Lithuanian firefighters were shown that there are three main problems, that must be solved while wearing fully encapsulated chemical protection clothing CPC in real situations by developing relevant prototypes:

1) wireless communication prototype between two partners of rescue chain and centre control point;

2) smart vest prototype for constant monitoring of firefighters physiological parameters during the performed task  in order to know the effect of work load and also taking into account the impact of gear and CPC suit upon his physical state;

3) the unit for remote surface temperature control in order to avoid the damage of CPC suits material, which may cause the  decrease of its protection against chemical hazards.


Visual control system of physiological parameters of fire fighters during their work and wearing CPC. Critical changes of temperature, pressure and pulse  indicators are visualized outside the suit and it is evident to the work partner.


Communication button on radio transmitter, which allows to communicate without additional movements, i.e. without extracting a hand from a sleeve inside the suit.

Voice transmitting equipment for in-team communication, which is integrated with conventional breathing equipment and connected to a new type of button.



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