VASTE - Service Platform for Low-carbon Logistics


VASTE - Service Platform for Low-carbon Logistics project aims to demonstrate a new service platform, which increases overall energy efficiency of logistics in different sectors (transport, industry, energy, public and private services, as well as households). The solution enables costs transparency per kilometer and thus it is reducing significantly greenhouse gas emissions during logistic operations.

The goal of the project is to reduce GHG between 30 % to 60 % from the present level. Using applied research methods the project will be carried out with the selected co-operating companies and partners primarily operating in the Central Ostrobothnia region.

An important objective for the project is to experiment, to try and build the latest digital technologies, fostering low-carbon logistics ecosystem and it’s exploitation (development project). As a result, this project will allow companies involved to demonstrate their  new ideas and approaches for longer-term international growth. In order to support companies own RDI activities in future, the built regional ecosystem can be used for the larger-scale field trials and pilots after completion of the project.

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