COURSE FULL! Basics of Russian / AVA1031-3003

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The course consists of an Start Module and 8 chapters of learning material. Each learning chapter includes vocabulary, grammar, audio- and video files, exercises and culture information.

The course includes communication of communication situations and vocabulary based on the objectives of Level A1 (beginners). The grammatical structures involved are: • Cyrillic alphabet • intonation• names (first, father’s, and surnames)• greetings • getting acquainted and own presentation• expression of opinion• simple conversations in leisure time and at work.

In this course there is 6 or 7 Adobe Connect (AC) meetings. AC meetings are always recorded and published for listening. Notice, that you have to take part to AC meeting at least four time.

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Student is able to communicate orally and in writing in Russian in normal interaction situations both in leisure time and at work. They can read and write using Cyrillic letters. There is a possibility for students to get familiar with computer writing on a Cyrillic keyboard.

Students will learn about modern Russia and get familiar with Russian traditions and culture.

Learning objectives are based on skill level A1-B1 of the Common European Reference Framework for Learning, Teaching, and Evaluating Languages.

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Students have to complete at least 75 % of course exercises, including two writing assignments and one assigment for spoken text understanding. On the halfway of the course there is word test and one final exam.

Courses are graded as follows: satisfactory (1 or 2), good (3 or 4), excellent (5), fail (0). A student who has enrolled for a course but does not complete it, receives grade fail (0).

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