Basics of Sexual Health / AVA013 K19/1 RYHMÄ ON TÄYNNÄ!!

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This course will provide knowledge of sexual health throughout a person's lifespan. The course focuses on sexual health as a positive resource in different stages of human development. Sexual health is an important factor of international travel health and an aspect that must be taken into account in different multicultural contexts. It is also a part of patient education and counseling in social and health care. This course provides information for example on how different diseases effect clients'/patients' capability to express their sexuality.  




1. Basic concepts of sexual Health

2. Development of sexuality in different   ages

3. Diversity of sexual health


1.Travel health and sexuali

2. Sexuality in different culture

3. Sexual health education and counseling


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 - is able to define the basic concepts of sexual health

 - is able to utilize sexual health as a resource in different stages of his/her lifespan

 - can apply a different methods of promoting sexual health at least in one specific age     he/she has chosen

 - is able to promote sexual health with clients/patients who are traveling

 - can apply and compare information of how sexuality is expressed in different cultures

 - is able to understand how different diseases effect sexual health

 - is able to give patient education about sexual health and apply information to the practical   level of care in a professional manner.


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Students and workers in the social and health field, workers in NGO- groups, who require more information related to sexual health, everyone who is interested to learn more about sexuality and sexual health.



The student will work independently for 8 weeks according to the study schedule given by the tutor teacher. The work includes written learning assignments, a reflective learning diary, study discussions with the group and a commenting tool. The study material is available in Optima and it includes internet links, study materials, video clips and Power Point slides.


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