Cleaning Techniques / AVA1042-3005

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Opintojakson yleiskuvaus

After completing the course student

  • can explain the basics of pollution and knows the importance of sustainability
  • knows the possibilities of environmental technology to reduce pollution
  • is able to name and identify harmful emissions in soil, water and air, and is able to recognize the sources of emissions
  • can describe health and environmental effects of pollutants
  • can identify and describe the methods used in environmental technology: Pollution prevention and different abatement techniques (primary and secondary methods)
  • can choose the best available technology for each case
  • can explain the principles of green chemistry and green engineering and can apply those principles in process design
  • understands the circulation economy and its importance as an operating model of the future -learns to know the importance of environmental catalysis
  • knows principles of LCA.

Opintojakson tavoitteet

1. Basics of pollution

2. Green chemistry and Circular economy

3. LCA

4. Environmental catalysis

5. Air emissions and purification methods

6. Water and waste water treatment

7. Soil remediation

8. Hazardous waste treatment techniques

9. Modern landfills


Grading scale 0-5


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