COURSE FULL! Career planning / AVE1004-3002

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Students will study, among other things, the work and further education opportunities in their field, career choices, international job applications, entrepreneurship, and the main aspects of workplace wellbeing. Students will also reflect on the significance of a degree in career development. The principles of team and project work will become familiar and students will acquire job application skills.

The study's aim is to build a student's professional self-image, promote self-awareness as well as identify and define strengths and goals. The study looks at learning as a lifelong project, reflects on the choices that we have in our lives and reflect the education backgrounds and 'learning paths' of the group members.

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Each four section includes study material and personal reflection and discussion tasks. The sections are completed one at a time within the provided schedule (1 - 2 weeks/section) in such a way that the assignments are completed by the submission dates. First the student read and become familiar with the study material and then they do the tasks for the section. Submission details are given with each assignment description. The teacher enters an assignment submission schedule in the Optima calendar.
The course material is made up of four sections:
Education and career
Searching for work
Team and project work
Workplace wellbeing
At the Optima learning environment is a material package, which gives the main course information. The course includes also literature sources and Internet links that can be accessed for further information on each topic. The study material is available to everyone for the duration of the course.
Course learning concept
This course is based on a humanist-constructivist learning concept. According to this concept learning is a process in which the student's reflective information management and self-development are central. The student's and the groups' learning experiences form part of the learning resources. The teacher guides and supports the learning process. The learning environment activates and is interactive, encouraging the student to reflection and self-direction.
The course teacher participates on the course through the Optima learning environment. The teacher monitors the learning, provides instructions, responds to questions, gives feedback on tasks, grades tasks and awards a course performance grade.


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