COURSE FULL! / Working in a Multicultural World / AVA1010-3006

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Main themes: New skills for the 21st century working life
1) Living in the world: being human, personal and social responsibility, ethical issues, cultural awareness and competence
2) Ways of thinking: creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, learning to learn
3) Ways of working: communication, collaboration and sharing, social networking; team work, virtual teams and communities, project work
Teaching will take place through case studies. The students will have an active role in the course, and they will work both independently and in groups.
Groups will be formed during the first few weeks of the course and the same groups will work together throughout the course. Each theme will comprise its own specific case study and questions. After working with each theme, the students will reflect on the case studies as a whole and their own work by using self- and peer assessment.
The course will use a LMS as a workspace for the course, and also virtual connection for real-time discussions at the beginning and the end of the course.

Opintojakson tavoitteet

After completing the course the student is able to analyze his/her own intercultural experiences and act reflectively based on the insights gained, for the purposes of working efficiently in a multicultural world. He/she can critically review and question his/her basic notions, practices, attitudes and values when working with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. He/she has gained experiences to collaborate in multicultural virtual groups in order to enhance problem solving skills and achieve a common shared goal. The student is able to recognize and further develop his/her 21st century skills through reflection to encounter and deal with multicultural issues in working and learning environments.



Grades 0-5

Process based evaluation (activities during the course), e-portfolio


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