eBusiness / AVA1019 K19/1 RYHMÄ ON TÄYNNÄ!!

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The student knows how to use information networks in doing business, the student is familiar with the concepts, systems and operation principles of electronic business. The core content of the course includes the main concepts and strategies, and how they merge with the company’s main, development and competition strategies.

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The student knows the basics of electronic business and the basic legislation involved. The student understands the strategies of electronic business and how electronic business merges with the company’s main, development and competition strategies.


Assessment is based on review exercises and assignments. All assignments must be submitted and minimum 75 % of them must be passed. There is one larger assignment which accounts for 40 % of the total assessment of the course. The student’s performance is assessed if all assignments are submitted to the tutor within the given time period.

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The target group for the course is everybody interested in online business. The student should have knowledge of the basics of marketing.

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