European Union / AVE1013-3004

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- When and why the economic integration in  Europe started?
- How does  the European Union operate?
- What are the benefits and possible drawbacks with the EU-membership?
- How does the single market of the European Union operate?
- What kind of regional and structural policy and agricultural policy the EU has?
- What kind of contacts and co-operation the EU has with areas and countries outside of  the union?
- How does the enlargement and future of the European Union look like?

The studies will be performed totally by the internet using the Optima –learning platform during the given timetable.

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European Union is changing the whole time.During this study the student´s knowledge about the history and present day situation of the European Union as well as  of the  future will increase. After this course the student knows the basics about the European Union; the development, structure and the functioning of it.



The course will be evaluated with following grades; satisfactory (1 or 2), good (3 or 4), excellent  (5) or failed (0).

Learning objectives will be measured by the activity during the study and returned assignments. The student has to participate actively and regularly to the discussions with other students and the tutor in the discussion forum. The student also has to complete the assignments during  the given timetable.





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