Sexual Diversity in the Social and Health Care / AV00AI18-3002 NEW!

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1. Sexual and Reproductive Health
2. Sexual Development
3. Gender and Sexual Diversity
4. Sexuality and Aging
5. Culturally Sensitive Sexuality
6. Sexual Violence

Student is:

- able to define the basic concepts of sexuality and sexual health
- able to compare sexuality as a resource in different stages of the lifespan
- can describe different methods of promoting sexual health
- can evaluate the importance of patient education of sexuality and sexual health in social and health care
- able to evaluate what effects of diseases and their symptoms are causing to the patients` sexual health.
- able to give guidance about sexual health with culturally sensitive - and professional manner.

Opintojakson kohderyhmä

1-2 years of professional studies of Social- and Health care


Individual study methods at Itslearning environment:
Theme Discussions in small groups
Padlet working
Making Mind map
Making Kahoot questionnaire
Writing Essay

At the beginning of this course, students will make a short presentation videoclip with Flipfrid program for their own small study group members to see. Web camera and headset is needed. Student needs to make own account to the Kahoot online program during the course.

Grading scale: Passed / Failed

Assignments are evaluated by the tutor teacher. Peer evaluation is used in two assignments. There is no exam in this course.

Course implementation is 100% online.
Learning material and additional links is placed in Itslearning learning environment.
3 credits course requires approximately 81 hours of work.
Digital learning environment in Centria and for this course is itslearning. The student needs a computer and working internet access.


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