SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: Basics of Programming with C#, 2021-2022

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Welcome to the Basics of Programming with C# course! During this course, you will learn how to do basic programs. The course starts from the very beginning and goes deeper as we progress. All the material and exercises are available online, except for the final exam. You can take part in the final exam in Itslearning-environment.

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The list below does not include everything, but exists to give a guideline for students, what to expect each week. This list may extend as the course goes on.

Part Goal
1 You can write simple programs, which read user input and for example basic calculations. You know the terms variable, conditional or if, and while-loop and can use them in the programs.
2 You know the logical operators, such as and, or and not and can use them in conditionals and while-loops. You know what methods, method parameters and method return mean, how to create them and what happens in the program while a method is used.
3 You can comment your code and understand how naming variables affects the readibility of code. You understand the basics of lists and can use them in your programs, and iterate through a list.
4 You comprehend the terms file and filesystem and can read a simple file with your program. You know the basics for Object oriented programming and how to use this information in your programs.
5 You know the different data types and how they differ from each other. You can overload methods and constructors. You can use all these in your programs.
6 You understand the dfference between static and non-static classes and methods. You can separate user interface from program logic.

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The course is available to everyone interested in programming. To attend the course, you do not have to be a student in Centria University of Applied sciences.

NB! Students in Centria UAS must always enroll in this course in Peppi. Enrolments made in educational calender will be removed.


The course is graded on a scale of 0-5. The grade comprises of the amount of exercises done.

Percentage done Grade
90 % or more 5
80 % - 89,99 % 4
70 % - 79,99 % 3
60 % - 69,99 % 2
50 % - 59,99 % 1
Less than 50 % 0

At the end of the course, there is also an exam with pass / fail grading. This does not affect the grade but is to ensure that you have done the exercises yourself.


You must enroll in the course on 28.2.2022 at latest (below you can find a link "Apply to"). The application will be handled within one week. The course must be finished by the first of May 2022.

Further information:
Contents, execution of the course: Lecturer Mr. Heikki Ahonen,
Enrolments, cancellation:

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