SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: Relational Databases & SQL, 2021-2022

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Welcome to the Basics of Programming with C# course!The course consists of the following subjects:
SQL Basics
Multible tables
More techniques
Designing databases
Data integrity

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After finishing the course:
- You understand the basics of relational databases
- You know the basic commands of SQL databases
- You can use multiple tables in a single database
- You can use more varied techniques in your database queries
- You understand the basics of database design
- You know what data integrity means and how to apply with databases
- You can use databases efficiently and understand how to improve said trait

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The course is available to everyone interested in databases and SQL. To attend the course, you do not have to be a student in Centria University of Applied sciences.

NB! Students in Centria UAS must always enroll in this course in Peppi. Enrolments made in educational calender will be removed.


The course is graded on a scale of 0-5. The grade comprises of the amount of exercises done.

Percentage done Grade
90 % or more 5
80 % - 89,99 % 4
70 % - 79,99 % 3
60 % - 69,99 % 2
50 % - 59,99 % 1
Less than 50 % 0

At the end of the course, there is also an exam with pass / fail grading. This does not affect the grade but is to ensure that you have done the exercises yourself.

The course is done online.


You must enroll in the course on 28.2.2022 at latest (below you can find a link "Apply to"). The application will be handled within one week. The course must be finished by the first of May 2022.

Further information:
Contents, execution of the course: Lecturer Mr. Heikki Ahonen,
Enrolments, cancellation:

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