Study Centria Degree Program studies via Open University of Applied Sciences! Academic year 2021-2022

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10,00 € / cr, study paths in Bachelor programs 200,00 €

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Open university of applied sciences students can study in the degree programs in Centria UAS. If you are planning to study individual courses or start path studies, you can apply here. Link for the application form (Apply to) is below the description.

Individual courses are available in all fields of study with exception of field of social and health care. Social and health care takes in open university students’ enrollments only via summer’s study path application.

Centria study guide is open for public: Here you can get more acquainted with the study plans and he courses of different study fields.

 By clicking the subject, you will get a more detailed description of the individual course. You can use search options e.g. name of the course or part of the name, implementation time, degree program and so on. When you have found the course(s) you want to participate, contact us in  

We will then make sure that the course is available and there is a possibility for open UAS student to participate in the course. Once this is done, you can fill in the application form and a study right to Centria open university studies can be granted.

If you’re planning to take wider range of courses or concentrate on certain field, it might also be useful to talk to Centria’s student councellors. You can find student counsellors’ contact information here:

Remember to mention student counsellor’s name as the contact person for billing when filling in the application form. We will later update your billing information once you’ve started your studies.

Studying in Open university is chargeable. The price for individual courses is 10 € / credit. Study paths (45 cr) in Bachelor degree programs cost 200 €. Upper Degree Programme study paths’ prices are 150 € or 100 € depending on the extent / duration of the studies. Studies are charged based on the enrolment. Therefore the study fees will not be returned in case the student decides tho quit his studies.

An open university student is not entitled to anykind of financial benefits (for example student allowence, discounts in trains and busses) based on his/her studies. If you are a customer of Public employment and business services, make sure your studies are approved before you enroll in the study path. Please note that a student visa will not be admitted based on open University studies.

During the autumn 2021 individual courses are free of charge due to Covid-19 pandemic. You can follow Centria’s Covid-19 situation from Centria’s website.


For further information:

Student advisor
Milla Vähäkainu

Service coordinator (continuous learning)
Nina Lång

Apply to

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