STUDY PATH, Business Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), full-time studies, fall 2021

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45 cr

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Open studies are open to everyone despite age and education. Study paths are pre-planned  extensive modules which include courses that are part of Centria’s degree programmes. A personal study plan is made with every student. The background of a student, his wishes and goals are taken into consideration. All courses can be included in a degree if a student continues later as a degree student.

Study paths start mainly in the end of August or in the beginning of September. Some paths can also begin in January. You can ask  for free places also in the middle of the semester . Studying takes place in the same groups with the degree  students. Courses can be held during the day, evenings, weekends or online . In some degree programmes it is also possible to study and work at the same time. Part of the studies  will be done online.

An open university student is not entitled to anykind of financial benefits (for example student allowence, discounts in trains and busses) based on his/her studies. If you are a customer of Public employment and business services, make sure your studies are approved before you enroll in the study path. Please note that a student visa will not be admitted based on Open University studies.



Student must complete at least 45 cr

Basic studies
Orientation to Studies 3 cr
Conducting Research and Reporting 3 cr
Mathematics 3 cr
Basic Course in Statistics 2 cr
Algebra 3 cr
Management and Strategy 4 cr
Entrepreneurship 3 cr
Marketing 3 cr
Financial Accounting 4 cr
Sales and Customer Service 3 cr
Management Accounting 4 cr
Economics 3 cr
English Writing Skills 3 cr
Professionally Speaking 3 cr
Basics of Finnish 1 3 cr (international students)
Basics of Finnish 2 3 cr (international students)
Svenska för arbetslivet 3 cr (Finnish as mother tongue)
Våga tala svenska 3 cr (Finnish as mother tongue)
Viestintä 3 cr (Swedish as mother tongue)
Kirjallinen viestintä 3 cr (Swedish as mother tongue)
Environmental Management Tools 4 cr
Intercultural Competence 3 cr
Project Management 3 cr

Professional studies
Computing 2 cr
Basics in Programming 6 cr
Introduction to Business Processes and ERP System 6 cr
Functionality of SAP ERP System - SAP S/4 HANA 5 cr
Preparation for SAP S/4 Certified Associate Qualifications (TS410) 5 cr

Optional studies
For example:
Orientation to Practical Training 2 cr
Work-life Skills and Personal Career Growth 5 cr

Students are selected in the line of enrollment. You can find a link "Apply to" below the text starting on 24.5. The result of the student selection will be informed to the applicants by e-mail by 16.8. at latest.

Open university students study with the degree students in the same group. The academic year 2021-2022 starts with the orientation days on 25.8. Also students on the study path are obligated to take part in the orientation days. During the days students will get to know Centria, other students and the teachers. During the days students will also get familiar with the practical side of studying, for example the information systems that are used in Centria. If a student can’t take part in the orientation, he must contact the student office (studentoffice(a) so that he’ll be sent instructions on how to start studies.

Because of the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, the orientation days will be organized hybrid (a student can be present on campus or take part in the program online). The applicant must follow his e-mail and follow the instructions.

After finishing 45 cr, a student can apply for the degree studies. Applying takes place in -service.

Read more about the study programme in:




NB! The application is binding. If the application must be cancelled during the summer, please send a notification to averko(a) After the application period, the applicant will be informed about the results of the student selection by e-mail.

Invoicing the student payment and cancellation of the studies
The instructions on how to cancel the study place are given in the e-mail. If the cancellation is not made according to the terms of cancellation, the applicant will be registered as an open university student in Centria. That also means that the student payment will be charged and the applicant will be obliged to pay the fee.


More information:
BBA Head and Principal Lecturer Mr. Janne Peltoniemi, janne.peltoniemi(a)
Study councellors: studentcouncellor(a)
Open university studies, application period, cancellations etc.: averko(a)

Please note that during the summer, the school is closed. Send your inquiry by e-mail. Your e-mail will be answered after the summer holiday.

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